I’m an Architect with a keen focus on product and accessory design. BlanqFace was inspired by a trip to Shanghai China, and a condition that spawned an essential fashion item in that region.

China is a manufacturing hub for the world, and because of that, there is a significant amount of pollution. In an attempt to filter the pollution and also avoid breathing in other toxins, Chinese citizens often wear masks. Initially, the masks were purely functional, but style and the desire to be fly created a whole new category. BlanqFace is introducing that craze with the most variety ever offered on US soil.

In the US the masks are used for the traditional purpose, but they are also used by Medical Professionals,  Barbers while cutting hair, People dodging the cold, Rappers, Dancers, and of course the style gods. Our masks are manufactured with fine poly-cotton blends and double lined to increase filtration, but beyond that they are dope.

D. Castro